Special Free Trial Offer for Oracle and Workday ERPs


Global companies that manage their core business processes within Oracle or Workday ecosystems face a unique set of challenges when it comes to foreign exchange (FX) data. For businesses who leverage multi-currency functionality, especially for financial reporting and reconciliation, accounting, tax, and audit, exchange rates automation is critical for your business. As with most manual processes, updating currency data is not only time consuming but leaves businesses vulnerable to input errors or omissions that could get flagged during an audit, affect the quality of financial reporting, and even impact your business’ bottom line.

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In order to help companies easily automate their currency conversion, OANDA and FXLoader are offering a 45-day free trial complete with full-service integration into your Oracle or Workday ERP system. FXLoader’s data uploader integrates OANDA Rates® directly into your ERP ensuring seamless, lightning fast integration with the highest quality FX data.



Whether you’re just getting your business set up with the newer Cloud (Fusion) or Workday system or your company has long been powered by tried-and-true ERPs like E-business Suite, JD Edwards, or Peoplesoft, you can get set up with automated currency conversion within one business day.

Enjoy this 45-day free trial special offer to you automate your exchange rates using OANDA + FXLoader through the end of July 2018. Your trial includes:

  • Fully automated data upload on over 200+ currencies, commodities, and precious metals and 25 central bank exchange rates

  • Daily average bid, mid & ask rates as well as period average, high & low rates

  • Customize currencies & update frequency to your needs

  • Unlimited quotes and historical data back to 1990

  • Proactive support during and after currency configuration


OANDA Rates® are the gold standard in forex data for over 20 years. Trusted by audit and tax authorities, financial institutions, tech companies, and thousands of businesses globally, OANDA’s data is a true reflection of the FX market at any point in time. To learn more about how we source our rates, read our accuracy statement.

About FXLoader

As a top-rated app on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, FXLoader expedites FX rates integration ensuring that currency exchange rates are up to date and accurate in your ERP. Companies around the world choose FXLoader to save time and more importantly remove the chance of manual errors. This FX solution is quick, easy to set up, and loved by clients.