Powering recurring cross-border payments for overseas employees

Pricing is a key consideration for us in choosing a global payments provider, however we value customer service and ease of use equally important. OANDA delivered on all fronts.
— Michael Singer, Human Resource Manager at Stark & Wayne

Thanks to OANDA's Corporate FX Transfers, companies like Stark & Wayne and their HR department can easily manage cross-border transactions and pay oversees employees in a fast, reliable, and convenient way.

·       Recurring FX payments
·       Multiple currencies
·       Great pricing, service, and ease of use

Stark&Wayne and OANDA

About Stark & Wayne
Stark & Wayne is the leading cloud technology consulting firm, offering design, implementation, and operations services, enabling enterprises to operate highly available and extensible platforms on their infrastructure.

Stark & Wayne is deeply committed to open source and they are one of the top 5 contributors to the Cloud Foundry project.   

FX Payments and more
Based in Palo Alto, CA with offices around the world, Stark & Wayne is a growing global business. Just like any company doing business internationally, finance professionals are deeply focused on foreign exchange transactions, market volatility, and their impact on the company’s bottom line. This is especially true also for their HR department, as they manage payroll for overseas employees, fund non-USD invoices, and hedge their FX risk against adverse currency movements - all in one place: the OANDA FX Transfers platform.

A success story, in our customer’s words
"As a Human Resource Manager of a US based consulting firm with employees overseas, it is extremely important to make sure they’re paid on time and in local currency. OANDA made it easy for us to set up our EUR and GBP based beneficiaries using their online trading platform and deliver foreign currency customized to fit our schedule. Each month we are able to buy EUR/USD to match our employees pay periods.  Pricing is a key consideration for us in choosing a global payments provider however we value customer service and ease of use as equally important. OANDA delivered on all fronts."

Michael Singer
Human Resource Manager, Stark & Wayne

Key Benefits

·       Multi-currency accounts all in one place
·       Recurring payments with minimum user intervention
·       Competitive exchange rates
·       FX risk management tools


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