Managing Corporate Currency Risk: Lessons From Across The Organization

For companies, managing FX risk in a volatile marketplace is truly a team effort—one that requires effective collaboration across all levels of the organization. We analyzed the market and looked at key FX considerations and best practices across different teams and departments - from senior management to the many specialists working beyond the C-Suite.

Amid heightened volatility in global currency markets, companies involved in multi-currency transactions need to be extremely diligent about how they manage their exchange rate exposure. A sudden, unexpected market swing can have a major hit on a corporate balance sheet. Capable FX management involves much more than simply hedging against risk; in order to take the appropriate course of action, all levels of the organization need to be informed and involved—from CEOs and CFOs to Analysts and Accountants. We'll explore:

  • CEO

  • CFO

  • Treasury

  • Analysts and Forecasting

  • Accounting

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