OANDA FX Data Now Available via Celigo’s integrator.io

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Great companies that transact internationally understand the importance of the automation of exchange rates to avoid data entry errors and time-consuming manual processes. To better address the trend of companies utilizing more software applications to run their businesses, OANDA has added Celigo to our portfolio of integration partners to help customers manage foreign exchange data across their systems.

   OANDA’s FX platform seamlessly works with Celigo’s pre-packaged integration templates for integrator.io

"We're excited to partner with Celigo and provide accurate, reliable FX data to our mutual clients,” said Greg Efstratis, Head of Channel Partnerships. “OANDA’s FX platform seamlessly works with Celigo’s pre-packaged integration templates for integrator.io, enabling all users to apply currency conversion rates to all the systems supported by Celigo – from ERP systems like Epicor, to CRM systems such as Salesforce.”

Integration for Anyone

Celigo’s integrator.io iPaaS makes cloud integrations accessible to anyone – whether you are an application admin, business analyst, advanced end user, or IT developer. Integrator.io offers a guided approach to application integration by offering an intuitive, step-by-step wizard and integration assistants and templates for hundreds of applications.

“Celigo understands the importance of data accuracy and compliance, particularly when it comes to financial reporting for businesses in a global economy,” said Jan Arendtsz, Founder and CEO of Celigo. “OANDA provides another layer of confidence for their clients by offering accurate, up-to-date Forex data.”

Custom Integration Templates

Integration Templates are integration flows that you can install, configure, and modify to jump start your custom integrations between popular applications. To kick off the partnership, an OANDA integration template was built for Salesforce. Using OANDA’s Exchange Rates API, companies can easily convert items that are priced in multiple currencies within Salesforce.

In the future, integration templates will be built to make OANDA FX rates automatically available for  Epicor, Coupa, SAP HANA, FinancialForce, and other business applications. Celigo’s integrator.io helps support OANDA’s vision of enhancing FX management capabilities to customers.

Learn more about OANDA https://www.oanda.com/fx-api. To try the Celigo / OANDA integration template for free, sign up at www.celigo.com.