Market Trends to Watch for in 2018


Capital Market trends investors will be looking at for 2018:

Crypto-currencies: Bitcoin – the rise of regulators

U.S. corporate tax cuts: What’s the ‘real’ potential?

Interest rate differentials: Central Banks tapering – since 2008, G10 central banks have been employing expansionary monetary policies to stimulate their economies. With growth around the globe now looking healthier, the trend has started to reverse. How far can G10 yields back up? Will the BoJ be the exception?

Brexit negotiations: Will Theresa May remain Prime Minister in 2018? Hard Brexit vs. soft Brexit depends on the flexibility from both sides (U.K. and E.U).

Growth prospects in Emerging Market: India and China performed especially well in 2017. Can the trend continue?

New Fed head in February: Is the market “underpricing Federal Reserve hikes and U.S. tax reform impact?

Fallout of MiFiD

Russian inquiry: Will impeachments proceedings begin against President Trump?

Global re-ordering: The potential for a U.S./China trade war

U.S Midterm’s: Will the U.S democrats take back a majority in the November midterm elections in the U.S. House of Representatives?

OPEC: Will crude prices finish 2018 above $70? How much of a threat to oil prices is U.S. shale production?

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2018 Geo-political Calendar Events:

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers his first State of the Union address

-Winter Olympics in South Korea
-Raúl Castro set to step down as Cuba’s president
-U.S Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen to step down

-U.K. hopes to agree to a Brexit transition deal
-Vladimir Putin expected to win Russia’s presidential elections.
-Italian general election, with the Eurosceptic Five Star Movement leading the polls
-Venezuela voting could be held, with Nicolás Maduro having a good chance of re-election

-Iraq elections

-World Cup held in Russia
-G7 summit in La Malbaie, Canada

-Mexico general elections

-Sweden general elections

-Brexit deal signature expected (tentative)
-Brazil general elections

-U.S. midterm elections

-G20 summit in Buenos Aires